This six week course is for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Week by week you will work towards building your own NodeBot to take home at the end of the course. Along the way you will learn basic electronics, from components to circuitry, and the theories and principles of robotics. You’ll also become familiar with Arduinos and their role within a NodeBot.

You’ll sharpen (or develop from scratch) programming skills in JavaScript, learning how to control hardware with johnny-five, a NodeJS library. To customise your creation you’ll also learn to use 3D modelling to design custom 3D printed robot parts.

This Bits and Bots short course is for anyone who is a maker, tinkerer or robotics enthusiast!

Registration for this course includes six mandatory sessions, as listed below:

20 May 2014- 6pm to 8pm
27 May 2014- 6pm to 8pm
3 June 2014- 6pm to 8pm
7 June 2014- 1pm to 5pm
14 June 2014- 1pm to 5pm
21 June 2014- 1pm to 6pm

Booking for this event is essential, inquire on The Edge website.

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The cost of this course ($199) is inclusive of the 6 week course plus a one-on-one session and a ticket to a Clever Convention.


Location map: