Could You Deal With A Mental Health Emergency? It’s Time You Become a Qualified Mental Health First Aider

Dealing with mental health emergencies is something many of us would prefer not get involved with, but these situations are becoming more and more common and who knows when you might be the only person around to help.

This Mental Health First Aid course will teach you the strategies for dealing with mental health emergencies including:

•Panic attacks
•Traumatic events
•Severe psychotic states
•Severe effects of alcohol and drugs
•Aggressive behaviour
•Substance abuse
•Suicidal thoughts and behaviours

This is a 12 hour course, which is delivered as a 2 day training package. A manual is provided to each participant attending the course, along with useful mental health resources.

Course Presenters: Emmaline Golding and Pedro Diaz

Contact: 61 02 8003 3600 and