This six week course gives you the skills to work with audio, video and photographs to document your next project. Week by week you’ll learn basic recording skills in our recording studio, including microphone techniques and basic audio editing in ProTools. Moving on to video you’ll be introduced to Premiere Pro, exploring the image editing tools, effects, transitions, and colour correction, as well as referring back to your audio skills to learn how to mix for film.

Along the way we’ll also take you through the essentials of good photographic technique, including file formats, white balance, exposure and composition. You’ll then learn how to then edit these images in Photoshop to adjust elements for a perfect result. At the end of the day you should walk away with all the skills required to capture the progress and outcome of a project in a way that is visually inviting and versatile – and the best thing is after your course you can continue to use all the software and hardware at The Edge, for free!


This Screen and Sound short course is for anyone interested in video, media or documentation.

Registration for this course includes six mandatory sessions, as listed below:

15 April 2014- 6pm to 8pm
24 April  2014- 6pm to 8pm
26 April 2014- 1pm to 5pm
3 May 2014- 1pm to 4pm ( Lab 3 induction)
10 May 2014- 1pm to 6pm
13 May 2014- 6pm to 8pm
17 May 2014- 1pm to 5pm

Booking for this event is essential, inquire on The Edge website.

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The cost of this course ($199) is inclusive of the 6 week course plus a one-on-one session and a ticket to a Clever Convention.


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