The Weight Escape is a new weight management book that throws out the rule book and invites readers to take control of their mind and body by focusing on the mental barriers that stop people achieving their goals.

The authors Russ Harris, Dr Joseph Ciattochi and Ann Bailey are strongly against the ‘diet book’ phenomenon and discourage popular shows like The Biggest Loser due to their unrealistic nature.

Co-authors Ann Bailey and Dr Joseph Ciattochi are embarking on a national tour of workshops to help people overcome common psychological barriers to healthy eating, including Brisbane on 8 March.

Anyone in the general public or in the health field interested in health, weight loss and wellbeing should come along to the workshop. There is no advanced knowledge of diet , biology, or psychology needed for these workshops. You will learn how to improve your health and vitality, utilizing cutting-edge psychology

You will learn how to use self-compassion to overcome setbacks, how to effectively handle urges, cravings, and difficult thoughts and feelings, how to identify what you most want in life, and set meaningful goals, and how to take control of your actions, so you can behave like the person you want to be.

The event will be held at the Hotel Grand Chancellor on 8 March between 9am and 4.20pm. Please note lunch is not provided.

Ticket prices are $260 and can be purchased on the weight escape website:
About the Authors:
Dr Joseph Ciarrochi – Professor of social, personal and developmental Psychology at University of Western Sydney.
Ann Bailey – Clinical psychologist.
Dr Russ Harris – Author of the best-selling The Happiness Trap.

Location map: