Reverse Emporium at Reverse Garbage’s February exhibition Love Up-Cycled, celebrates Valentines Day with sustainable flair. The exhibition will showcase handmade objects with a romantic flavour that are perfect gifts for your sweetheart or yourself.

“Love Up-Cycled challenged artists to create handmade objects from the heart by exploring themes of love and romance” says Exhibition Co-ordinator Brooke Nelson.

“As the exhibition title suggests, we’ve also challenged local artists and crafters to explore up-cycling – the process of converting discarded or waste items and materials into new objects to be cherished and given a new life as a gift or perhaps something for the home”
Featuring over 25 local artists, craftworkers and designers who work with salvaged and thrifted materials, there will be a diverse range of items on display and for sale including fine artworks, paper goods, jewellery, lanterns, garlands, sculptural items, fashion accessories, cards, decorations, soft furnishings, home wares and more!