The Unknown Landscapes Tour will be featuring D.A.Calf (The Book of Ships) and Matt Wicking (The General Assembly).

As beguiling and ambitious as its title suggests, emerging like an awakened giant left to survey the progression, destruction and decay of the century passed… ten polished tracks which promise more than most double albums do.

Venturing out to see what the New Year holds in store, Melbourne’s D.A.CALF (The Book of Ships) and MATT WICKING (The General Assembly) hit the open road this January for a series of co-headline shows.

They begin in the concrete wasteland, then traverse The Cumberlands, The Pacifics and The Warregos. In between lies a landscape of as-of-yet uncharted collaborative territory between the two solo artists, who will join each other on stage for collaboration and accompaniment.

D.A.Calf cloaks songs and sonic art in layers electric, synthetic, shambolic and atmospheric. He uses his voice and an electric guitar as well as gadgets, loopers and a stock of vocal effects – all in pursuit of the creation of a pocket universe. The result is a beguiling combination; an abundance of air and space, densely packed with musical minutiae and myriad colours.

Matt Wicking has a voice that simply must be heard. Real and raw, it gives thrust to complex and dark meditations on our civilisation’s current caper – it is captivating, catchy and confronting in equal measure.

As Mr Chris Moller (of Midget, Starboard, and Blood Relative fame) was due to join this tour and its map bears his indelible signature, the duo will take this opportunity to pay great tribute to the man.

The Unknown Landscapes Tour will appear twice in Brisbane:

 21 January at The End, West End with special guests and 25 January at Red Star Music, Bowen Hills with special guests.