By attending the Leading a Deliberate Life one-day workshop, you will:

– learn how to develop goals for the most important areas of your life and what it takes to achieve them
– learn how to identify opportunities and take action
– understand where self-confidence comes from & how to create more of it
– learn how to create the motivation you need to do the things you want to do
– discover the tools and strategies for dealing with and overcoming life’s stressors
– leave knowing, with confidence, what’s most important to you and how to go about achieving it

Do you want to:

– build confidence to take control of your health, fitness, career, or work/life balance?
– find clarity and get rid of confusion?
– know how to set the direction that is right for you?
– act with purpose?
– feel empowered?
– learn how to create balance and satisfaction in all areas of your life?

The Leading a Deliberate Life Program has been designed to help people who:

– are feeling stuck and uninspired
– feel like they’re really busy but not getting anywhere or achieving what they want
– want to improve an area of their life but don’t know where to start
– have a lot of ideas and need a method of prioritising them so that they can get started
– want to do more living and less waiting
– want to create more choice and freedom in their life

Morning Tea, Lunch & Afternoon Tea included
All course materials provided