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Christian Foley


Watch this teacher bust out a freestyle rap in class

Well, this is one way to prove you’re down with the kids. Teacher (and spoken word poet) Christian Foley shared th…

Trump Avengers


Trump and Clinton star in Marvel mash-up

Huw Parkinson, the guru of political mash-up videos from ABC’s Insiders team, is at it again. He's mashed up Donal…

Dug from Up


The adorable talking dog from Up comes to life

Dug, the lovable dog from Pixar’s Up, has come to life in this video from Oh My Disney. In the video, a Golden…

Koala butterfly


Butterfly photobombs koala’s photoshoot

What’s cuter than a video of a koala joey? A video of a koala joey being photobombed by a butterfly, obviously.…

Bill Murray


Watch Bill Murray work as a bartender in New York

This might just be the coolest bar on the planet right now — and it’s all because of the man behind the bar.…

Captain America: Civil War


Captain America: Civil War gets the Honest Trailers treatment

When Marvel released Captain America: Civil War earlier this year, it got much better reviews than DC’s Batman v…

Mad Max


See Mad Max: Fury Road without CGI

A new video showcases the Aussie action film’s incredible practical effects. The four-minute clip shows you what…

Ellen Tom Hanks


Watch Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres have a Pixar-off

Tom Hanks and Ellen DeGeneres are two titans of showbiz — but to a lot of kids, they’re just Woody and Dory. So,…



Is this the worst ad of all time?

Congratulations, Miracle Mattresses — you’ve gone and done it. You’ve made the worst commercial of all…

Doug The Pug


Stranger Pugs is the Stranger Things remake we deserve

Internet sensation Doug The Pug has taken a trip to The Upside Down. We didn't know we wanted to see Doug dressed up…



Sia pays tribute to Orlando victims in new music video

Aussie pop legend Sia has shared the video for her latest track, The Greatest, featuring Kendrick Lamar. As you'd…

Flight attendant


Flight attendant channels Looney Tunes for safety announcements

We should all listen to airline safety instructions — but, if we’re being honest, most of us tune out and ignore…



Watch Eleven from Stranger Things rap Nicki Minaj’s Monster verse

Is there nothing Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown can’t do? The extraordinarily talented 12-year-old actres…

Zack Snyder


What if Zack Snyder adapted classic works of literature?

Director Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was one of the worst-reviewed films of the year — but…

Mountain Dew Coca-Cola


What do Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew really do to your teeth?

It’s not exactly a secret that soft drinks are bad for your teeth — but some are worse than others. YouTuber Tom…

Dog rally


This might be the world’s luckiest dog

Who’s a lucky boy? A dog has miraculously cheated death at Bolivia's Rally De Santa Cruz. The dog was running on…

Norway Pokemon Go


Norwegian pollie caught playing Pokémon Go during defence hearing

The rest of the world seems to be moving on from the Pokémon Go craze, but this prominent Norwegian politician is…

Shipwreck hunters make an amazing discovery


Shipwreck hunters make an amazing discovery

A group of retirees turned shipwreck hunters have discovered a 16-metre-long 18th century trading vessel at the bottom o…