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Stranger Things stars are coming to Australia

The stars of the Upside Down are coming Down Under. If you're desperately hanging out for the second season of…



A lot of people are naming their kids after Stranger Things characters

This is what happens when you Netflix and Chill. Baby Center's annual list of the most popular baby names has revealed…

Stranger Things Christmas


Stranger Things meets Charlie Brown

The pop culture sensation of 2016 meets a holiday classic in Merry Christmas, Will Byers. Filmmakers Leigh Lahav and Ore…

Stranger Things


Watch the Stranger Things kids make up lyrics for the Stranger Things theme song

Just when you thought you couldn’t love the Stranger Things kids any more than you already do, this video comes…

Doug The Pug


Stranger Pugs is the Stranger Things remake we deserve

Internet sensation Doug The Pug has taken a trip to The Upside Down. We didn't know we wanted to see Doug dressed up…



Watch Eleven from Stranger Things rap Nicki Minaj’s Monster verse

Is there nothing Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown can’t do? The extraordinarily talented 12-year-old actres…

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Brisbane Extra

How to deal with life after Stranger Things

Stranger Things is the pop culture phenomenon of the year — but it’s only eight episodes long, and Season 2 is a…

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Brisbane is getting a Stranger Things party

You’ve probably binge-watched Stranger Things by now, or at least had every single person in your friendship circl…