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House of Cards


Frank Underwood is back

Ready or not, House of Cards is back this month, and the trailer is here. When the fourth season of House of Cards…

Iron Fist


Marvel’s newest hero debuts in Iron Fist trailer

Hope you’ve blown through Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage already, because Netflix is back already with…



A lot of people are naming their kids after Stranger Things characters

This is what happens when you Netflix and Chill. Baby Center's annual list of the most popular baby names has revealed…



Watch an unknown Aussie actor shine as Barack Obama in Barry

Devon Terrell — a 24-year-old actor from Perth that we can safely say you have never heard of before now — is the…

Gilmore Girls


The Gilmore Girls are back

It’s been nearly a decade since the last Gilmore Girls episode, but the first trailer for the show’s…

Stranger Things

Things to do

Brisbane is getting a Stranger Things party

You’ve probably binge-watched Stranger Things by now, or at least had every single person in your friendship circl…

The Simpsons


Homer Simpson stars in Making A Murderer

If you’re anything like us, you probably spent part of your Christmas holiday binging on Making A Murderer,…

Aziz Ansari


Aziz Ansari’s touching tribute to his parents

Comedian Aziz Ansari isn’t known for his sentimentality, but the tribute he just posted to his parents has us…


Brisbane Extra

Who’s winning the streaming war?

Netflix has secured an early victory in the great streaming war of 2015. Roy Morgan Research has released data earlier…

Orange is the new cat


Orange is the new cat

Ever wondered what Netflix phenomenon ‘Orange is the New Black’ would look like with kittens? Wonder no more…