Master your Downward Drizzy with this Drake-themed hip hop yoga class.

Started from a forearm plank, now we’re here.

Hip hop superstar Drake’s birthday is coming up on Monday 24 October, and there’s only one way to celebrate — with yoga, obviously.

The crew at New Farm yoga studio Yo Yoga like Drizzy so much that they’re dedicating an entire hour-long class to the man.

Expect to hear nothing but Aubrey’s best tracks, while you bend front ways, back ways — we know that you don’t play.

Drake Hip Hop Yoga will be held at Yo Yoga (Suite 1, 5 Lamington Street, New Farm) on Monday 24 October at 6:30pm.

Mats, towels and water will be provided. You can drop in for $19, or sign up for a 10-day introductory course for $20. You can book tickets here, or call them on their cell phone on 0413 310 644 if you have any questions.