Pete Evans is copping heat for suggesting that cutting dairy out of your diet can help manage osteoporosis.

Evans made his latest controversial claim after a Facebook follower asked him: “I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. My doctor insists that medication is the only way, can paleo help?”

Evans responded: “I would strongly suggest removing dairy and eating the paleo way as calcium from dairy can remove the calcium from your bones.”

In a follow-up comment, he added: “Most doctors do not know this information.”

The reason most doctors don’t know this information, of course, is that it’s not true. In fact, Osteoporosis Australia says three to five daily serves of calcium-rich foods like dairy are essential to preventing osteoporosis.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, fed-up Brisbane doctor Brad Robinson has slammed Evans for his latest gaffe.

“Dear Pete Evans, I presume you have forgotten (silly you!) so please allow me to remind you. You are a chef, NOT a doctor,” Dr Robinson wrote.

“Further, you are not someone who magically knows things that the sum total of generations of medical research has determined. You do not have access to information that we uneducated doctors do not. Your astounding advice about osteoporosis would be amusing if it wasn’t so potentially damaging to anyone at risk who actually believed you.

“Even worse, your advice to the user of an anti-cholesterol medication to cease its use is — through an increased risk of stroke and heart attack if your advice were followed — potentially deadly.

“Can we make a deal? You don’t give medical advice and I won’t tell you how to best shuck oysters. Agreed?”

Earlier this year, Evans angered experts by advising people not to use “poisonous” sunscreen; he was also given the Bent Spoon Award by the Australian Skeptics Society for perpetrating “the most preposterous piece of paranormal pseudo-scientific piffle” in pushing his bone broth baby formula recipe.

He might be a great chef, but when it comes to medical advice, it’s probably best to steer clear of Pete Evans.

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