A new study has revealed there’s one thing people find as pleasurable — and as desirable — as sex, and you can have it right now.

Food and sex are two of life’s great pleasures. They’re both so great, in fact, that a lot of people have difficulty choosing between them.

A study commissioned by advertising agency Havas Worldwide, which surveyed 11,976 Americans, has found that 46 percent of men and 51 percent of women believe that “eating can be just as pleasurable as sex”.

They didn’t stop there, either. 35 percent of respondents — 26 percent of the men, and a whopping 42 percent of the women — said that given the choice between sex and “an excellent dinner at a restaurant”, they would choose the dinner.

We feel you, ladies.

The study suggests that social media is at least partially responsible for the result.

“With the proliferation of hashtags such as #foodporn and #foodgasm, it might come as no surprise that around half the mainstream and 6 in 10 Prosumers (influencers) agree that eating can be as pleasurable as sex,” the study reads.

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