If you like climbing stairs, we’ve got the event for you.

Most Brisbanites have been to the Gabba at some point to watch a game from the stands. Now you’ll have a chance to experience the venue in a unique way, as an active participant, rather than a spectator.

Stadium Stomp Gabba participants will climb up, down and around some 5,000 stairs in the Gabba grandstands, in a course unmatched by anything Brisbane has seen before. It’s the largest — and only — event of its kind in the state.

The course is set to music, and is expected to take anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes to complete, depending on fitness levels.

“We’re a non-competitive event, we don’t time our participants and we encourage all fitness levels to have a go,” says organiser Ben King.

“After all, there are plenty of seats to choose from if you get a little tired.”

Stair climbing is an excellent way to build cardiorespiratory endurace, as well as lower-body muscular endurance and strength. Taking ten steps on a flight of stairs is the equivalent calorie born of taking 38 steps on level ground, so it’s almost four times as beneficial to take the stairs.

To avoid congestion on the stairs, staggered start times will run from 7am to 11am. Anyone above the age of 12 can enter as a team or individual, and you can choose your preferred start time when you register.

The event supports Mater Little Miracles, and participants are encouraged to fundraise for this charity (or another charity of their choosing) as a way of making every step count.

Entrants will receive a Stadium Stomp Gabba medallion, as well as access to a free post-event massage service.

Spectators will be able to view the event free of charge, via the designated spectator viewing area accessible via Gate 2, so family and friends will be able to support the participants as they stomp their way around the grandstands.

Stadium Stomp Gabba will be held on Sunday 24 July. Registration costs $60. To register, and nominate your preferred charity to fundraise for, visit stadiumstomp.com.au/Gabba.