Stretch Yoga and Lucky Cat Cafe have teamed up to bring Brisbane cat lovers a unique new fitness class — yoga with cats!

Held at Lucky Cat Cafe every Thursday night, the classes offer cat lovers the chance to meet and play with the cafe’s resident cats whilst also getting in a bit of exercise.

Cafe owner Katie Phelan says the idea came about after seeing something similar on YouTube.

“I approached Stretch Yoga and the owner there said she was considering doing something like this anyway. So we came up with the program together.

“We had both seen heaps of videos of yoga with cats and cats doing yoga and thought it would be a great idea.”

Katie says the class barely passes as exercise because it’s so fun.

“The classes go for an hour with a warm up and time to get to know the cats first, then 40 to 45 minutes of yoga and then relaxation time and time to pat the cats.

“Everyone has the best time and the cats love all the attention.

“The cats do the most hilarious stuff during class. The other night we had our big boy cat plonk himself on the window ledge while everyone was meditating and in relaxation mode, and he started cleaning himself. It was hilarious!”

The yoga classes offer a low intensity workout and stretch, almost like a beginner’s class, with the option to move up to an advanced level if you feel like it.

Katie says the classes have had great feedback from participants.

“They love it and keep coming back. Everyone has the biggest grins on their faces when they come out of class,” she says.

If you are interested in attending a class, there are two sessions every Thursday night. But Katie says newbie’ must beware.

“Your mat might just be taken over by cats by the end of the night,” she says.

“You may even get stared at, until you pat them!”

Lucky Cat Cafe is located at 16 St Kilda Place in Annerley. Bookings are essential for Yoga with Cats classes. To book, visit