Finally, everybody’s favourite ingredient is taking centre stage.

Sick of seeing the meat of the gods take a back seat, Liam Gardener decided to open B’coz Bacon, a bacon-themed eatery where there’s no doubt about who the headliner is.

“Everyone loves bacon,” says Liam, “so we thought we would make it the main event.”

B'coz Bacon

Setting up shop in a ten-foot-long shipping container, B’coz Bacon will soon be seen at various locations around Brisbane, including the Boundary Street Markets.

“We decided to take normal takeaway food and put a five star twist on it,” Liam says.

“We take a lot of time in preparing our menu items. You won’t find any prepackaged burger patties at B’coz Bacon as we mince our own… oh, and we add bacon, of course.

“You will notice our food is juicier and crunchier and tastes delicious. We want our customers to feel blown away that something so simple could taste that good, and we don’t just mean the bacon.”

At launch, there’ll be three items on the menu.

The Kevin Burger is a bacon-infused, trailer-made patty on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle, caramelised onions, cheese, bacon and Gardsy’s sauce.

B'coz Bacon

Baby Got B.R.A.T. is thick-cut bacon coated in special panko crumb on sourdough with rocket, avocado, tomato and mayonnaise.

The Triple Cooked Chips are chips cooked, well, three times, with a parmesan, herb and bacon dust coating.

B'coz Bacon

UPDATE: B’coz Bacon is opening this Friday 4 March (4pm-10pm) and Saturday 5 March (12pm-10pm) at Boundary Street Markets, West End. Visit their Facebook page for more details.