If you’re not a morning person, but really want to give it a red hot go this year – these simple tips will help you conquer your mornings!

Get up earlier

Well, duh! A big step in becoming a better morning person is getting up earlier – even if it’s only by 15 minutes.

Mornings can get a little hectic at times, especially if you’ve slept through your alarm and you have to rush around trying to get things organised. Getting up early not only allows your body to wake up, but it gives you a little bit more time to prepare and get things organised, which in return will make you feel energised and much more positive about the day ahead.

Tonight set your alarm (for tomorrow) 15 minutes earlier than you normally would. Depending on how early you would like your daily wake up call to be, you can work your way up by setting your alarm a little bit earlier each day or each week (if you’re struggling).

You’re probably thinking there’s one major flaw in this plan – the snooze button. Well, there is a solution, but you’re not going to like it.

Until your body get used to the early wake up calls, set your alarm and place it across the room away from your bed. This way, you will physically have to get up and out of bed to turn it off in the morning! And, being that you’re already up and out of bed, might as well get on with your day!

Exposure to light

If your room is dark and gloomy you’re more likely to go back to sleep, something as simple as opening a window or stepping outside for your breakfast in the morning can really help your body wake up and make you much more alert.

Tomorrow try having your breakfast out in the backyard, on the balcony or next to an open window, as you breathe in the fresh air and feel the sun on your skin you’ll start to feel more awake.


Exercise is a great way to kick start your day as it not only boosts your energy levels, but also helps improve your focus, mood and your appetite throughout the day.

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about running 30 kilometres or doing a massive weights session as soon as you wake up (unless you want to), I’m talking about light exercises like a pilates class at the gym or even a morning walk.

Whether it’s a 15 minute walk around the block or a 45 minute pilates class, light exercises in the morning will leave you feeling pumped, positive and ready for the day ahead, and over time it’ll also improve your fitness levels.

You should be able to find a range of early morning classes at your local gym. Plus, a good thing about going to the gym early is that you’ll avoid the crowds, and at this time of year (with the New Year’s fitness resolutions in full swing) you’ll want that – trust me.

If you are thinking about doing some early morning exercise at the gym, it’s a good idea to have your gym gear ready the night before – so you’re all ready and motivated to get up and go. You could even wear you’re gym gear to bed to save you getting ready in the morning.

If you don’t have time for a class or a short walk, you could always do some stretches in front of the TV.

Eat an energising breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – so make sure it’s a good one!

Avoid junk food nasties on the way to work, those hash browns and bacon and egg burgers will only leave you feeling sluggish!

Try some Greek yoghurt with fresh berries, an omelette packed with vegies or some muesli or oats – these healthy and nutritious meals will leave you feeling fuller for longer, improve your concentration and make you feel much more energised throughout the day.

For most of us coffee is the first thing we go for in the morning and that’s fine, but after sleeping for 6-7-8 hours or so it’s also important to rehydrate with water when you wake up. Coffee only dehydrates you more, so before your morning coffee have a big glass of refreshing cold water!

If you’re not really fond of plain water, you could always jazz it up with some lemon slices or berries!

Positive affirmations

If you’re one of those people who gets up in the morning feeling grumpy, angry and dreading the ‘terrible’ day ahead, chances are you will have a ‘terrible’ day.

Many of us have been on the receiving end of that one co-worker who rocks up everyday grumpy and tired, not wanting to talk to anyone until they’ve had their morning coffee (I have). It’s not very nice at all and you definitely don’t want to be that person!

Positive affirmations are a great way to ensure you’re feeling relaxed and positive about the day ahead. Saying things like ‘I’m going to have a good day today’ and ‘I’m going to get everything done’ will really help put your mind at ease about the stresses you might face. Stay positive and you’ll have a much nicer day! Life’s too short to be grumpy all the time!

If you’re not a morning person, but really want to be (or have to be for everyone else’s sake) try these tips – they’ll really help!

Are you a morning person? What are your tips?