According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ new National Health Survey smoking and drinking are on the decline in Australia, but obesity continues to rise.

Over 19,000 Australians took part in this year’s National Health Survey, finding that 63.4 percent of Australian adults and one in four children (ages 5-17) are overweight or obese.

Louise Gates from the Australian Bureau of Statistics says one in three adults or 29.7 per cent are not getting enough exercise, while a further 15 per cent do not exercise whatsoever.

“Overall, more men are overweight or obese (71 per cent) than women (56 per cent),” she told ABC News.

According to the results only one in 20 adults and children meet the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables.

Queensland Health recommends two serves of fruit and five serves of veggies a day, and 30 minutes plus of exercise a day to build a solid foundation of health.

On a positive note though, the results show smoking is on the decline with 14.5 per cent of adults still smoking compared to the 16.1 per cent smoking three years ago.

“Across the board, smoking rates reflect a decrease over the last 15 years, particularly for people under 45,” Louise says.

Drinking has also declined with only 17.4 per cent of adults consuming more than the recommended two standard drinks a day, down from 19.5 per cent recorded a few years ago.

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