Developing a solid short game is definitely a challenge for any golfer! There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting a bad shot once you’ve neared the green and the hole is in sight — but now, bad shots could be a thing of the past.

Canberra-based golf enthusiast Paul Donaghue recognised the importance of conquering the short game, especially for medium level golfers. So he had the idea to craft his own unique range of clubs specifically designed for use on and around the green.

Shortly after, PnP Golf — ‘The Short Game Innovators’ — was born and the first club, the Point N Putt Putter, was released, making it so much easier for golfers to enjoy their game.

The Point N Putt Putter features a patented visual alignment system called the ‘Directional Pointer’. The silver pointer is in stark contrast to the matt black body and the green grass beneath, providing an easy-to-see focal point. All you need to do is, point the Directional Pointer to your intended line.

This simple method of pointing is easier and more accurate than squaring for most golfers. It assures you are lined up to the hole and mentally frees you up to make a confident putting stroke.

Once he had that down pat, Paul’s next big challenge was finding a way to consistently get out of bunkers and deep rough. His aim was to reduce the resistance of the sands and grass at impact in order to get more power out of each swing.

His solution came in the form of the RAKE sand and Lob wedges. The RAKE wedges features a dual bounce rail design which combs through sand and deep rough like a hot knife through butter, instantly giving golfers more control and incredible accuracy. Nice!

After setting up a shop-front in Fyshwick, Canberra and launching an e-commerce website, Paul has been selling his unique clubs under the brand name PNP Golf to customers in Australia and around the world through international PGA events.

He’s also started developing a unique and exciting new putter and chipper duo, which are set to hit the market soon.

If you would like to improve your handicap as well as increase your enjoyment of golf, try one of these revolutionary US PGA approved clubs and you will be well on your way to mastering the short game. They also make for a fantastic Christmas gift for any golf enthusiast of any skill level!

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