Want to know what your stars have in store for you this fortnight? Read on for Psychic Julianna’s predictions.


Mercury in retrograde is not about worry, but goal setting. Get specific
and get detailed with planning where your next steps are in life.


The retrograde for you is about making sure that you constantly keep
yourself grounded around personal issues. This will allow you to be sure
in your emotional responses.


Remember the frustrated parts of your nature can come to the fore
during retrograde time – so stay calm under pressure.


Retrograde is a great time to expose truths. This is a theme for 2015 and
into 2016. You are not alone – you are being cut free to fly.


You are going to be pushed to make decisions about money. Be smart,
not emotional.


Your consistency is about to pay off massively, so stay on track. Minor
disputes should stay just that – minor.


Mercury in retrograde can be a huge emotional roller coaster if you’re not
careful. Remember drama happens as we let it happen in our lives – so
choose differently and there’ll be no drama.


Keeping your energy high is important throughout the retrograde, as
vibrationally speaking, this can be a tiring time.


You need to better your emotional life by weeding out those who take so
much from you. If they don’t add value, they don’t belong.


This sensation of feeling a bit lost has been brought on by the retrograde.
Just let it pass without acting on it and life will stay calm and in flow.


Staying in the opportunity zone is the key here. Mercury in retrograde is
awesome at delivering what you desire and more specifically what you
have been working on!


The desire to let your ego respond, instead of a balanced ego/strategy
response, is very strong. Sit back. Stop. Think about how you feel and
what’s needed to repair this relationship.