Globally, an estimated 360 million people are chronically infected with hepatitis B (HBV) and up to 1 million people die each year as a result of hepatocellular carcinoma, cirrhosis of the liver, or liver failure caused by HBV.

Although Hepatitis B is most common throughout Africa and East Asia, it is estimated that around 225,000 people are chronically infected in Australia, however nearly half of those are undiagnosed (WHO Regional Reference Laboratory for Hepatitis B). Deaths from liver cancer are climbing rapidly in Australia, and untreated chronic Hepatitis B is a major contributor (National Liver Cancer Prevention Policy, 2012).

Brisbane Clinical Study may help

Q-Pharm is conducting a clinical study in Brisbane to find a potential treatment. This potential treatment is being developed as a treatment for chronic HBV infection.

If the potential treatment is demonstrated to be well tolerated in humans, it may then be taken into further human trials, with the ultimate goal being the development of an effective way to treat people who have been infected with Hepatitis B.

What makes Clinical Trials so important?

Clinical trials are an important part of the research and development pathway for new medicines. Development of new therapies can improve the lives of thousands of people suffering from various medical conditions. By participating in a clinical trial you can help in the development of new, safer and more effective medicines.

What is Q-Pharm?

Q-Pharm is a dedicated clinical trial unit located at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Founded in 2002, Q-Pharm is a private company, wholly owned by the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. Q-Pharm undertakes clinical trials for companies and researchers who are developing new, safer or more effective medicines.

You may be eligible to help

We need healthy volunteers in Brisbane, aged 18 to 55 (inclusive) to participate in this trial. Your support can benefit the lives of others, and all eligible participants are paid for their time.

To register your interest, visit

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