Celebrities, in particular females, are often victims of online bullying and fat shaming, but it comes as a bit of a surprise that super-toned Sarah Jessica Parker could fall victim.

In the lead-up to the filming of Honeymoon in Vegas, the Sex and the City starlet was sent a treadmill by a Hollywood producer who claimed to be ‘very concerned’ about her fitness.

“I was about to do Honeymoon in Vegas and before that I was off to do another movie in Iowa and the producer of Honeymoon in Vegas was very concerned about me being fit for Honeymoon in Vegas,” she has revealed. “So, they sent a treadmill to Iowa.”

SJP told the tale of her fat shaming  on SiriusXM segment My Favourite Song With John Benjamin Hickey, when she was quizzed on her favourite workout tune.

“I would very diligently go out every single day and run like a lunatic to [Everybody Dance Now] and then when I went to Iowa, on the treadmill, I would continue to run like a lunatic to the song. And then we went to Vegas to shoot Honeymoon in Vegas, and I had a treadmill also in my room and I would get up every morning and run.”

Even host Hickey was genuinely dumfounded by this revelation. 

“Are you kidding me?” he asked.

“Dead serious,” Parker replied.

We’d like to think that in 2015, a producer wouldn’t dare send a treadmill to an actress — but we suspect that’s wishful thinking.

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