Want to know what your stars have in store for you this fortnight? Read on for Psychic Julianna’s predictions.


Get set to get moving on the next phase towards financial freedom as you are presented with an opportunity to expand your income this month!


There is a focus on your social life amongst your friendship group for much of the coming month, and honestly, you need it! You’ve been so busy you are forgetting that you are just as important as the demands around you are.


It’s time to step up or back away from your plans to confront a problem person — because in all honesty, complaining behind their back won’t get you any brownie points as a communicator.


It’s time to dig deeper than ever before. You’re tired and you’re anxious about where all the universe’s plans are going — but you can only control you, so be smart about how you self-manage the next month.


It can be a bit surreal when life gives you what you’ve been asking for, so make sure you really want what you’re seeking.


A contentious issue about accountability and respect in a personal relationship is hitting flaring point. Be real about communication with your partner — sometimes what you’re asking is grounded in your insecurities, not your reality.


With clarity and a strategy you can get a demanding project back on the right path. Harness your star sign’s innate charm to get the best out of the worst and turn this around.


You will need to come out all guns blazing over the next three weeks to show you have the credentials to go further in your career. Do not accept no as an answer when this matters so much to you.


Your love life is on your mind and so it should be! Why? Because energetically you are moving to a higher vibration and as such will draw more attractive situations and people!


If you could shift just one aspect you feel is holding you back, what would that be? It is time to break through the blocks you are holding onto that are sabotaging your potential.


Go big or go home is not a good motto in business and investments. Be prudent and you will be stronger financially in the long term. Prudence equals success!


The house of relationships is still high in your charts, so you need to make sure you show appreciation — but are also appreciated — in your interpersonal space this month!