It may seem like a joke, but selfies are a dangerous business. More people have died this year from taking selfies than those who have died from shark attacks.

Last week a 66 year old Japanese tourist died whilst attempting to take a selfie at the Taj Mahal. The man fell down the stairs, raising this year’s selfie death toll to 12.

Unfortunately the number has surpassed that of shark attack deaths, which are sitting at eight for the year.

The main reason for selfie deaths are that people are falling from their selfie taking position. Thus, it seems that travellers are focusing more on their phone than their surroundings.

After falling, the next cause of selfie related deaths were those that were hit by trains, with people going to all sorts of lengths for the perfect photo.

With the death toll rising, many tourist destinations have taken it upon themselves to put a ban on selfie sticks.

The following well known venues are just a few of which have all put a ban on the trend:

  • Disney have banned selfie sticks from all of their grounds.
  • The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam.
  • Mecca, Suadi Arabia.
  • Sistine Chapel, Vatican City.
  • Running of the Bulls, Pamplona.

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