Hong Kong women are reportedly taking a page out of Superman’s book and using the sun to sustain themselves.

‘Sun-gazing’ is being used as a substitute food as a way of nourishing the body by women in Hong Kong.

Groups of 10 women have been spotted in the mornings and afternoons, channeling the sun’s power into their bodies.

According to Coconuts Hong Kong, the practice involves staring at the sun for a set amount of time that gradually increases by 10 seconds each day.

After nine months the time spent soaking up the sun’s energy will have increased to 44 minutes for the women who haven’t already starved to death.

One dieter explained the benefits of the diet to Coconuts.

“Some of us who have finished the therapy eat less, and others don’t have to eat at all!” she said.

The gazers wear pinhole glasses as a way of decreasing the risk of eye damage, but health professionals are still concerned about the potential irreparable damage to the eyes and skin of these women.

Coconuts reported other dieters linking the bizarre practice back to religious beliefs that it can actually improve eyesight.

Is this the weirdest weight-loss trend you’ve seen? What are some other bizarre weight-loss programs you’ve come across?