If you’re too busy to go to the gym, why not work out while you’re working?

With the pressures of work and our increasingly busy lifestyles, we often don’t have the time or the energy to go to the gym every day and sometimes not at all.

It’s very important to stay active throughout the day; it’s not only good for your health and body, it’s good for your mind and energy levels too. And, that’s sometime you need at work!

According to personal trainer Brad Webber, there are plenty of exercises you can do at work to ensure you’re keeping active throughout the day.

Here are some of his fitness tips for the office.

Set Alarms

Get away from that computer!

A recent study found that increased sitting or being sedentary can lead to a variety of health concerns including being overweight, unhealthy blood sugar levels, type 2 diabetes and heart disease as well as mental illness, poor muscle tone and posture. So, it’s important to get up and move about during the day.

Remind yourself to get up out of that chair, by setting an alarm. It’s best to get up every hour or so and go for a walk or just do some stretches.

Take the Stairs

Take the stairs instead of the lift at work. When you take breaks throughout the day, try walking up and down the stairs a few times (depending on how many stairs the building has) to get your heart rate going.

Get Outside

Don’t spend the whole day inside, go for little walks on your lunch break or try having your meetings outside in the sun. It will do wonders for your health and for your vitamin D levels too!

Use Resistance Bands

Store some resistance bands under your desk for arm exercises throughout the day.

For bicep curls: stay in a seated position and place the middle of the resistance band under your feet. Holding the band in place with your feet, grab the ends with your hands keeping your elbows tucked into your sides, then pull the ends up to your chest and repeat. Make sure the band is tight.

You should feel the burn in your biceps. Just don’t let the band go!

Printer exercises

While you’re waiting at the printer for those long reports and spreadsheets to print out, do some calf raises on the spot or lunges.

You can even do some leg stretches or arm stretches while you stand there. It will really help you throughout the day!

Chair exercises

If for some reason you can’t leave your desk during the day, there are a few different exercises you can do at your desk using your chair.

Tricep Dips

Tricep Dips

For tricep dips: facing the front, hold the edge of your seat and slide your chair out behind you. Bend your knees into a seated position (still holding the edge of the seat behind you) and slowly lower your butt towards the ground. Use your arms to lift you back up and repeat. You can also do this exercise with straight legs too.

For lunges: facing the front, slide your chair out behind you and rest one foot on the chair (foot should be behind you). Step out in front with the leg that is on the ground and slowly bend the front knee to a 90 degree angle (make sure your knee is in line with your ankle), slowly lower your body to the floor and rise back up. The back knee should also be bent. Continue this for a while and then swap legs.

You should feel the burn in your quads and butt!

Secret exercises

It sounds like something out of Mission Impossible, but ‘secret’ exercises are great for staying active throughout the day.

If you’re itching to get out of that office chair, why not do some secret exercises like shadow boxing (punching the air), sit ups, push ups or lunges in a vacant office?

If the boss asks why you’re all sweaty and out of breathe just tell them there was a bee – a really big bee.


Buy yourself a pedometer! A pedometer is a great way to see how many steps you do each day and it’s a great motivator too!

Try beating your step count from the day before or you could even have a challenge with your friends and workmates to see who can do the most steps in a week. No cheating!

What do you think of these tips? Would you try them?