How to put the fun back into fruits and vegetables with Cancer Council Queensland.

Have you been feeling a little grey lately? Is your life lacking a colour pop?

If so, we might just have the answer for you.

Check out the latest spin on health and happiness via

It’s part of a new $5 million campaign to help Queenslanders plate up for colour, putting the fun back into fruits and vegetables.The website provides hundreds of delicious and nutritious recipes, categorized according to your needs.

Whether you’re hungry for a healthy brunch, starving for soul food, or craving some culinary comfort, this site has it all. And the good news is, all of the recipes are well balanced and designed to deliver optimal health and happiness.

Why is this important, you ask?

Because for most of us, our diets are less than impressive. Fewer than 10 per cent of Queenslanders eat enough vegetables, and only about 60 per cent of us eat enough fruit.

But wait, I know you want more.

Well, too many of us are overweight, and unhappy about it, and today is the time to act.

A healthy diet and lifestyle is key to quality of life. Simply substituting unhealthy snack foods with a banana (hello yellow!) or green leafy vegetables every day can help control your weight and lower your risks of chronic illness.

So, give colour a spin. Check out the recipes and aim to eat two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables for natural vitality.

One serve of vegetables is about half a cup of spinach, cauliflower or brussels sprouts, half a medium sweet potato or one cup of lettuce or salad vegetables.

One serve of fruit is about eight strawberries, a medium-sized apple, orange, banana or pear, about 20 grapes or cherries, or two pieces of smaller fruit like apricots, figs or plums.

For more tips, check out the videos, apps, and free exercise advice available via  .

The site even includes a calculator to help you score your health and fitness age.

If like many of us, you’re in your 40s but feel like an eleventy million year-old, then this site is for you.

Remember, up to a third of all cancers are preventable through living a healthy lifestyle – be physically active, eat a healthy diet and maintain a healthy weight.

Take colour for a test drive today, you won’t regret it.