Want to know what your stars have in store for you this fortnight? Read on for psychic Julianna’s predictions.


If you are seeking to achieve more and move beyond where you are at this point in your life, you need to welcome change, no matter how it comes. Be flexible.


You can be stubborn in your approach to other people due to past hurts and let-downs, or you can choose not to let your past dictate your future. Trust your instincts – you know who the real deal is.


Moodiness is still running high in your stars. Remember words and actions have consequences, and sometimes it is best to say nothing than to say something and regret it.


Friendship and loyalty go hand-in-hand for you. You don’t have a huge group of confidants, but you have a good group. Keep it that way.


With both Venus and Jupiter moving through your sign at the moment, you are still very responsive to other people’s moods and needs. Make sure you only have people around you with hardy and balanced natures so you don’t get sucked into any negative emotional patterns whilst you wait this period out.


Once you make the decision to let go and be you — the real person you really want to be — you’ll feel like you can breathe again.


You need to keep an eye on other people’s agendas this fortnight. There will be those who feel entitled to have a say in what you do and who you are and won’t hesitate to give their unsolicited input. Keep negative people on a leash so you don’t get pulled off track.


Stay on top of your need for the approval of other people, specifically those who see you as powerful or influential. Stay balanced in your approach and keep in mind what you need — harness people, don’t isolate them.


You need to stay positive in the midst of so much change going on in your life. Don’t make big decisions until you bounce them off other people you trust and evaluate how far-reaching they may be.


Remember this is a time of great opportunity, so keep working on your projects to maximise the success you are seeking.


Recognise the people whose energy is hard to be around, and the people who are easy to be around. Embrace new people and energies and let those who no longer serve a purpose go.


Being pragmatic this fortnight will yield great results in the next fortnight, and help to get your career and personal relationships over the line. Stay stable and balanced and you’ll see how much you will grow from the experience.