The answer? Genital herpes.

A Brisbane Clinical Study is aiming to eradicate Genital Herpes. Find out how you can help.

Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 (HSV-2) is the major causative agent of genital herpes, a disease which often results in recurrent painful sores/lesions which are known as an outbreak. At present, there are no HSV vaccines to prevent or treat genital herpes. Given there is no treatment to eradicate HSV from the body, and there is a clear public health concern about the spread of infection, there is a need for new treatments for this condition to be developed.

What is the objective of the study?

The aim of this study is to assess the safety and tolerability of a vaccine in humans. This study will also investigate whether the vaccine has any effect on the immune system, along with the vaccine’s effectiveness in preventing and/or treating the HSV-2 infection.

If the vaccine is demonstrated to be well-tolerated in humans, it may then be taken into further human trials with the ultimate goal being the development of an effective vaccine to treat people who have been infected with genital herpes.

What makes Clinical Trials so important?

Clinical trials are an important part of the research and development pathway for new medicines. Development of new therapies can improve the lives of thousands of people suffering from various medical conditions. By participating in a clinical trial you can help in the development of new, safer and more effective medicines.

What is Q-Pharm?

Q-Pharm is a dedicated clinical trial unit located at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. Founded in 2002, Q-Pharm is a private company, wholly owned by the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. Q-Pharm undertakes clinical trials for companies and researchers who are developing new, safer or more effective medicines.

Who can participate in the Genital Herpes trial?

Interested volunteers must be aged between 18 and 50, and have been diagnosed with Genital Herpes (HSV2) at least 12 months ago, with regular outbreaks. Q-pharm is aiming at vaccinating 40 eligible volunteers, and therefore they would like to receive interest from around 100 people.

This is primarily a safety study in patients; therefore you should reside in SE Queensland to be able to volunteer for the study. To find out if of you are eligible to participate in the study, visit

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