Disgraced social media entrepreneur Belle Gibson was raked over the coals last night after she continued to spin a twisted tale about her cancer diagnoses. However, she’s not the first Austrlian wellness blogger to find themselves in hot water.

Disgraced former wellness blogger and social media queen Belle Gibson sat down with 60 Minutes last night to talk about how she built an empire on a web of lies based around a fake cancer diagnoses.

Gibson hit the big time when she launched The Whole Pantry in 2013 a “wellness” business that centered around her telling her thousands of followers that she had cured her cancer through healthy eating and natural therapies.

However, after she failed to donate $300,000 from the sales of her smart phone app to charity, people started to question the legitimacy of her diagnosis and soon after it was revealed that Gibson had been lying about the whole situation.

Gibson isn’t the first blogger to make a blunder and while these bloggers haven’t had their health issues exposed as lies, some of their wellness advice has been called into question.

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