The way we view contraception could be about to change forever.

A male version of the pill is on its way.

Vasalgel is the first Food and Drug Administration panel (FDA) approved male contraceptive since the condom and is predicted to hit the US market around 2018-2020.

Vasalgel is essentially a polymer that’s injected under local anesthetic into the man’s sperm-carrying tubes, accessible through the scrotum and works by blocking sperm. It is expected to be reversible through a second injection that dissolves the polymer.

The medical trials will begin in 2016 and not until then will its length of efficacy be know.Another advantage of Vasalgel is that while it blocks sperm, other fluid can still pass through. This should reduce any risk of pain due to back pressure, an occasional issue with vasectomies.

This benefit could make Vasalgel a best-seller, even among men seeking a permanent contraceptive option.

The contraception tool is being developed by The Parsemus Foundation, a non-profit whose website says it “works to advance innovative and neglected medical research”.

So far the foundation says they have had success on animal testing the product, with human testing set to begin next year.

One injection of the drug is expected to last up to ten years.

What do you think about this male version of the pill?