Want to know what your stars have in store for you this fortnight? Read on for Julianna from Soul TV’s predictions.


There is a sensation of surprise coming around as an outcome of something you have worked on over the last two years. It’s the right time to take advantage of the offer.


Sometimes you have to think outside the box when a situation isn’t lending itself to a quick resolution. Be clear and concise on what you need to do to resolve it.


Time to shine, time to move. You’ve put off pushing forward what you want within your romantic relationship – but you must step forward to step up!


Stop getting frustrated with other people not moving at the pace you need them to. Instead, think about how you can help them keep up with you.


The last year has been particularly trying for you, from a friendship and relationship perspective. What you see is what you get – stop looking around the corner in fear, waiting for something to go wrong.


Make a decision that it is absolutely okay for you to shine. You never beat your own drum, and this is the time to do it! All the hard work you’ve done over the last two years has not been celebrated enough, but you know how far you’ve come.


Stop worrying about what is right and how good you should be. Start being very direct in the way you speak and work so that no one can take advantage of you!


There’s no other way to put this – you need to sit down and get your head screwed on the right way. You keep dwelling on the past, but opportunities are coming your way.


You’ll have plenty of funds come in over the next fortnight. Plan how you are going to take financial opportunity and turn this cash flow into a long-term investment. Be smart, be precise.


A tricky family situation will now begin to shift. You’ll feel like you’re finally able to hit the ground running, and improve your physical and financial situations.


You’ll find things are very up and down over the next few weeks. It’s all about the frequencies from the moon, and how that plays with your internal spiritual system. Stay grounded.


Assertiveness is not your strong suit, because you see assertiveness as aggressiveness. But you need to be assertive in order to reap the rewards of career advancement.

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