Everyone loves a good before-and-after photo, but these ones raise the bar.

Two and a half years ago, Beth Beard decided to change her life. She underwent gastric bypass and decided to document her journey in a way unlike no other. In an interview with Good Housekeeping, she said that she knew the journey would be tough but she wanted to keep herself motivated. A photographer by trade, Beard knew that she didn’t want the typical before-and-after comparison.

She contacted her friend, Blake Morrow — also a photographer — and they were able to create portraits of the before and after photos interacting. Morrow shot the before and after photos two years apart with none of her body shape being altered. The after photos show Beard 150 pounds lighter and interacting in pop culture scenes with her former self.

Beard and Morrow were careful to ensure that the ‘before’ photos didn’t pain the larger Beard in a negative light. “Body image and consciousness are such a divisive idea in our society,” said Beard. “I’m hoping that images like Diva Beth show that people on both sides of the spectrum can love themselves.”

The inspirational photos will make your day — click through the pics in the gallery above!

Check out more of photographer Blake Morrow’s work at blakemorrow.ca.