Think that more sex equals more bliss? Well, apparently not. A new American study has found that frequent sex doesn’t lead to increased happiness.

American researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have released a new study that suggest the frequency of sex has little to do with making you happier.

In fact, in some circumstances, researchers found it actually led to unhappiness for some of the couples they monitored during the study.

This is surprising, to say the least, considering that self-help books and advice columns are continuously telling us that more sex equals a happier relationship.

In the first study of its kind to examine the causal connection between sexual frequency and happiness, researchers observed the behaviors of 128 people between the ages of 35-65 in married relationships.

Researchers experimentally assigned some couples to have more sex than others, and observed both group’s happiness over a three month period.

Through this research they found that the couples instructed to have more sex reported lower sexual desire and decreased sexual enjoyment.

This, in part, was because the increased frequency led to a decline in wanting for and enjoyment of sex.

Perhaps absence (or abstinence, as the case may be) really does make the heart grow fonder — or perhaps being instructed to have sex at the beck and call of university researchers just isn’t much of a turn-on.

Tamar Krishnamurti — one of the study’s designers and a research scientist in CMU’s Department of Engineering and Public Policy — says the study could help couples improve their sex lives.

“The desire to have sex decreases much more quickly than the enjoyment of sex once it’s been initiated. Instead of focusing on increasing sexual frequency to the levels they experienced at the beginning of a relationship, couples may want to work on creating an environment that sparks their desire and makes the sex that they do have even more fun,” she says.

The report comes weeks after a study by the Anglia Ruskin University found that couples having sex more than four to five times a week are financially better off than those who indulge less often.