Want to know what your stars have in store for you this fortnight? Read on for Psychic Julianna’s predictions.


Financially assisting yourself is what’s important over the next three to four weeks. It’s about making sure that by moving things around, eliminating anything you don’t need, you’re able to recover funds that you need to move forward strategically.


Tighten up any areas that you feel you’re not controlling well, and have not controlled well over the last few weeks. As you move into the next month of frequencies, you’ll become clear on what you need to do.


Being flexible in tricky situations will show the people around you how capable and intelligent you are, and will bring you new respect and financial opportunity.


It’s been a week of sitting down and pondering what’s gone on in the past, particularly from a relationship perspective. Let it go or you can’t move forward.


You’ve had a few setbacks as the foundation you’re trying to set for your future is not as solid as you’d like it to be. Think about the resources you need to put into that foundation to make it stronger.


It’s all about the money when you think about next year and what you’re trying to achieve. You have to stay on track financially now, but let go of the little things to see the bigger picture of where you’re going.


The sensation of pressure from work around you will start to reduce as the frequencies of the earth shift. However, consider the patterns of your emotional management, and notice how you need to better manage your expectations of yourself.


You’re being self-righteous in a situation that’s more about understanding another person’s perspective than sticking to your guns. Manage this situation well and you will see career opportunities as a result.


It’s not often a Scorpio gets caught out — generally speaking, Scorpios think they’re very intuitive by nature. If you get caught out, it’s because you need to take your blinkers off as to what people’s true natures are.


You can choose to be frustrated about your situation or you can choose to see the lessons. You are very good at dispensing advice, but as your frequencies shift in the next six weeks, you find you’re not very good at taking it.


Money, money, money is around — but it’s not money that’s just going to be handed to you. Rather, it’s the opportunity think about what you have and what you can leverage to turn one dollar into two!


Remember to stop sometimes and look behind you, just so you remember how far you’ve come. Sometimes your frustration at not moving fast enough prevents you from celebrating where you are.