Want to know what the stars have planned for you this fortnight? Read on for Psychic Julianna’s predictions.


There is no point trying to be a hermit with situations going on around you. Planning is the key here. There is also an old relationship that is more a friendship romance that will be coming back into your life.


During the next fortnight you’ll be asked to step up further and further within your career. You literally have all the stars lining up to get you over  the line for success


You might find yourself on the tail end of somebody else’s criticism over the next few weeks. This is simply a wake-up call for you to remember that sometimes you need to think before you speak.


Celebrations are around you but understand that you have more work to do than ever had before. Over the next 12 months the new cycle you will move into is all about the money you’ll need to grow your dream.


Embrace the old and the new. You have a position coming back around and it’s almost as if it’s been recycled. Whether it’s an opportunity or a romance, they are both coming back to remind you of what you want.


Money will be washing through your stars over the next six months. Whatever it is you’re planning on expanding or growing get moving now as you set the pace for success


Now that you’ve got people’s patterns and your own behavioural patterns worked out the next part is to find yourself good mentoring. A strong focus on personal and spiritual growth, while surrounding yourself with talented but grounded individuals, can assist you in this further level of development.


You may well find that you feel the sting of other people’s tales throughout the next few weeks. You really need to be careful of what is criticism versus what is advice. This is an ongoing issue in your chart for 2015.


It’s going to be about family during the next few weeks .For those who do not have a family in the sense of children; there is open discussion here about having them within the next two years .


Travel is on your scope so just make sure that you’ve got the coins in the bank to cover you. Please do not extend yourself. Over the next six weeks, with the shifting around all of your different stars, please make sure that you stay within your budget


Animals keep coming into your sign over the next few weeks. If you are the considering getting a pet please make sure you understand the obligation. It’s actually about you wanting to add a companionship to your life.


Pisces is all about friendships during the next few weeks. With all the spiritual and emotional learning since November 2014 to create more friendships now you need to actually get out to enjoy them