Want to know what your stars have in store for you this fortnight? Read on for Psychic Julianna’s predictions.


You made decisions in December last year towards fun and emotional stability. Despite your good starting position from an astrological perspective, you’re allowing people and their negativity to pull you off course.


During the next three weeks you need to remember that people don’t need to know everything about you to trust your judgement. Answer what’s important, not what is gossip.


You’re not exactly renowned for listening to others — more for giving advice. For the next fortnight simply be quiet and pay attention to what people are saying around you, as they are trying to help you take things to the next level.


Work out when you want your family to know what’s important and when you have to retain information so the bigger picture isn’t too scary for them.


You might find family dynamics a little bit frustrating this fortnight. Just remember their opinions are their opinions and they are entitled to them, but this doesn’t mean you have to agree.


Get on top of your self-doubt. Balance is not about perfection. Confidence needs to be injected into every situation — go with your gut and stop paying attention to everybody else’s advice.


You are currently feeling as though your emotional and intuitive landscapes are slightly blocked. During the next fortnight you’ll find it is mostly due to other people repeatedly pushing their positions on you.


You can be such a harsh judge of character at times that people simply get frustrated. All friendships are tested as people grow tired of the conflict and criticism.


You have a tendency to pull back from the people around you — just be careful in the next three weeks as the tables can be turned.


Your easy-going disposition will help you get through this period of low energy. As you come out of it over the next three to four weeks, you’ll feel fully renewed, energised and ready to approach things differently.


There is a possibility of an old relationship coming back in, but be very careful. There are reasons exes are called exes.


Become smart, confident and financially savvy by understanding long-term investments better and working out what assets and liabilities are either propelling you or holding you back.

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