Belle Gibson’s cookbook has been axed in the US following suspicions that her claims of cancer are false and that she failed to donate money promised to various charities.

Simon & Schuster’s Atria Books is shredding approximately 7,000 copies of Belle Gibson’s debut cookbook The Whole Pantry.

Gibson claims that she was diagnosed with cancer, and beat the disease following a diet of natural health foods detailed in the cookbook.

The book was already published in Australia with the US edition’s release date set for April 14, with copies already at warehouses ready for distribution.

Atria commented that “Our decision was made upon the failure of the author to provide clarification for numerous allegations concerning her biography and charitable endeavors.”

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Ms Gibson has publicly claimed to have given away 25 per cent of her company’s profits and in her book writes that “a large part of everything” earned is donated to various causes. Last year she said $300,000 had already been given to charity but now says these contributions were never made because app sales were not as high as forecast.

All orders for the book has been cancelled and The Whole Pantry app is no longer available for purchase.

Belle has deleted all her Instagram posts as well as The Whole Pantry‘s Facebook account.

Gibson has promised to release an open letter addressing the allegations.