Want to know what your stars have in store for you? Read on for Psychic Julianna’s predictions.


Make sure the goal that you’re trying to reach is really what you want. There are too many energetic obstacles around people standing in your way. Deal with them quickly and correctly so that you can remove the influence that’s holding you back.


You need to sit down and finally decide how to work with your financial situation. Money has been an ongoing issue and this needs to be addressed so you finally complete the pattern in spending and saving that is keeping you stuck.


Stop making excuses for why you are not going where you want in your life at the moment. Show the power players in your life your strength of personality, ability and commitment, and you can start to overcome the opinions that are holding you back.


You can see the vision and this year is all about vision. Pull together the resources and people and stay on task and you can achieve everything your heart desires.


All the planets say it’s time to move. This is the time that you need to be embracing the strength and even the stubborn part of your nature to make sure you achieve in 2015.


It’s all about balance the next two weeks. Stepping into things that are passionate and inspiring and elevating for you, remember personal life is as important as a professional life.


Balance is not achieved in the next fortnight by tolerating situations. It is about deciding what balance means for you. Sometimes it means that you have to give a little bit more to get more.


You don’t have to worry about protecting the soft centre. The stars over the next two weeks indicate that is about opening up your heart chakra to be able to receive more depths and stronger connections through friendships.


This is the time for you to shine–time for you to no longer accept your own self limitations. It’s about self-care and it’s about self-love; being able to open up and grow.


Get with the program in the next two weeks–you have amazing converging stars that can allow you to really self-explore what is important to you. Allow curiosity to be your playing field.


Sometimes it’s actually about allowing yourself to feel like a fish out of water. Allow yourself to understand that you have significant differences that add depth and intelligent aspect to your spiritual growth.


You must create boundaries that allow you to grow and help people around you to understand that sometimes their preconceived ideas can be limiting you from reaching your full potential. This is particularly true within romantic relationships and marriages, so make sure you stand your ground on what’s important to you.

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