Ever wondered what your favourite comic book heroes would look like with an average body shape? Now you can find out…

A collaboration with some keen Photoshoppers and Bulimia.com has re-imagined comic book characters with an average physique.

So while having adamantium bonded to bones or the ability to control the weather might not be the most realistic talents, at least their bodily proportions are a bit more reflective of everyday society.

“If these characters had a figure more like that of the average person, perhaps more people could look up to their favourite superhero without feeling the need to emulate an impossible physique,” explains the Bulimia.com website. “Ultimately, what’s truly heroic is respecting yourself, your body, and your health.”

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What do you think of the re-imagined characters? Should there be more normal representation of body types in media? Let us know.

All images via: Bulimia.com