The oldest woman in Europe says eating three raw eggs a day and living the single life since 1938 have helped her stay young.

At 115 years young, Emma Morano from Verbania, Italy is the oldest person in Europe, and the fifth oldest in the world.

Over the course of a life which has spanned three centuries, Ms Morano has lived through some of the most historic times in Europe. Among many other things, she has survived two World Wars and watched as the Italian monarchy evolved into a republic, but shrugs indifferently when asked about her memories of those events.

She lives alone in a two-room apartment; a small plaque bearing the numbers ‘115’ in bright blue letters, made by children at a local nursery school, sits next to her bed.

She told The New York Times that she is convinced her longevity stems from a diet which includes three raw eggs a day. The diet was recommended to her by a doctor during her teens in an attempt to prevent anaemia.

For those of you who are not mathematicians, that means she has consumed around 100,000 raw eggs in her lifetime!

The second top tip Ms Morano attributes to her longevity? Living the single life.

Ms Morano left an unhappy marriage in 1938 after the death of her infant son. After the separation (which was rare for those times), she stayed single.

She says did knock back a fair few offers, but never had another partner, because she “didn’t want to be dominated by anyone”. Amen to that, girlfriend.

So there you have it — a single life with an egg-cellent diet might just be the key to living a long and healthy life.

Of course, it could also be genetics — one of Ms Morano’s sisters died just short of 100 and another lived to 102.

“You talk to 100 centenarians, you get 100 different stories,” said Valter D. Longo, the director of the University of Southern California’s Longevity Institute.

“We do know that the ability to make it to 110 is heritable, so you have a large increase in chance if you have several people in your family to live to a late age.”

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