Want to know what your stars have in store for you? Read on for Psychic Julianna’s predictions.


Think before you jump into major lifestyle decisions. You may need to review your attitude to get forward.


Your nature requires you to understand every single detail. Be brave and dare.


Choose to word your opinions with care around those not wanting the truth. It is not your role to change them.


You just want to sit in your shell. Get up, and just get done what you need to.


Be firm in your values. Sometimes it is time to accept some support, but make sure you let people know your needs.


Balance is not about perfection. When you learn this you will not feel so controlled by time.


When a situation happens repeatedly you MUST look at the behaviour.


Forget holding a grudge. Let go in order to be clear about quality in your life.


Stop giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Leave them at a safe distance.


Your low energy is shifting and you will feel much lighter. Get clear about what belongs to you.


The desire to walk away from the old and into the new is so strong now but wait until June to make the changes.


Very good financial vibrations are around you. Be smart with your planning to clear away debt.

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