Are you curious about what your 2015 will look like? Read on for insights and ideas from our resident psychic Julianna Suranyi.


Your new year begins the day after a solar eclipse (March 21—the day the sun enters your sign). During this time you will feel you can conquer and achieve all you have set prior to 2015. The 13 September solar eclipse is an intense moment to look back and in November, be open to more responsibility as career or business situations come across your path. Success with structure is your year.


2015 is a great year for Taurus to begin new pathways in your life; April and May could be most prosperous for your plans. Love and relationships in general may take a slight hit in July and August and old stress patterns could resurface around 17 September to 9 October. Focus on balance and relationships during November and December.


In 2015 Gemini relationships blossom, opportunities grow and maturity develops. From 21 January to 11 February is a steady social period; the period 18 May to 11 June lets you mentally regroup and rethink what might have been done if you had more time and resources, and 17 September to 9 October offers a chance to refine commitments made. This is the year of knowing who you are and what you want!


Your instincts, intellect, feelings and intuition will be on turbo all year compared to all the other signs. The first two months you will be focused on regrouping so you have a clear perspective of your goals. Work and public acclaim will keep you very busy May and June. Keeping your emotions controlled may be the biggest challenge in late June and July. It is a year of global foundations.


You have a well-balanced and fast-paced year ahead, Leo, with plenty of passionate fire, sensitive water, practical earth, and diplomatic air energies at your disposal. Neptune will offer you internal introspection in February. Uranus will recharge your batteries in April. Mercury and Mars will create emotional decisions around family in July. Venus will make daily life more comfortable during September. Balance is a must for you this year.


2015 brings opportunities and relaxed people around you due to your ruling planet Mercury being in Capricorn. Jupiter enters Virgo on 11 August and from then on, the gods of luck are on your side. Friends and family (particularly siblings) may be extra benevolent. It is a year of defining who is and who is not important in your life. Relationships bring prosperity is your motto for the year.


2015 gives you a deeper need for material security and prosperity and this means you’ll have greater motivation. You’ll be extremely lucky and busy with people wanting to mingle with you due to your ambitions. Life will feel like it is on pause in August as you re-energize. Powerful and successful times in November
and December, particularly the last two days of December when your planet Venus moves into Sagittarius. This year you have the right people around you to get your desired outcomes.


2015 brings the ability to harness people to achieve what you see as your global view — just be careful to not burn people out with your needs. February and March are frustrating as people become hard to read as you get more ambitious. When Mars conjuncts Uranus (11 March) and when the Sun conjuncts Uranus (6
April), the Moon will be in Scorpio, affecting you more strongly than most other signs. Be braced for rapid changes or opportunities. Know your abilities—this you need to remember in 2015.


Be methodical in February and trust your critical judgement. Saturn in Sagittarius this year adds to your patience and careful treatment of people and situations. Keep active and avoid too many extra calories too often, however yummy. This could be an ongoing challenge after early April, when Jupiter’s retrograde ends. A full throttle year!


Make a major new start in 2015, Capricorn, or perhaps several minor ones. Let your heart and passion be your guides. Trust your gut. A slowly forming Jupiter-Saturn square (not perfected until August) will help keep you from going too far, too fast, or off track. Your year starts with the Capricorn New Moon. The Venus-Pluto conjunction makes sure that you’re noticed. Go out there and be amazing! Remember, persist!


2015 sees you firmly in control of your own world, Aquarius, as well as prominent and lucky in public. Jupiter is at the top of your chart all year. Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius (21 January to 11 February), making you sharper and more cautious. Your health looks strong, but overdoing things will be an ongoing concern. Be safe and avoid silly, careless accidents. It’s a very well-balanced but high energy year, Aquarius!


Fresh, unexpected opportunities are everywhere, and doors will magically open for you, Pisces. Give yourself enough attention and be healthy, especially in January through April. January and February will keep you busy but happy. Family and friends help you keep a lid on the wild times. People may have high expectations of you, especially in the summer, and you may over-extend yourself trying not to disappoint anyone. Focus as much on yourself as others.

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