Gym-goers at Bowen Hills’ CrossFit Torian got quite a surprise last night when they were joined for a workout by superstar American DJ Steve Aoki.

Aoki, the founder of influential Los Angeles label Dim Mak Records, headlined the Stereosonic festival in Brisbane on the weekend and has extended his stay a few days to be with his Brisbane-based girlfriend.

“His touring manager gave us a call yesterday,” says CrossFit Torian’s owner and head coach Mike Towner. “He said Steve had heard about us and he was keen to come in for a session.

“He came in around five o’clock with a videographer and a photographer who basically film him everywhere he goes. They ended up putting the cameras down and having a session as well!”

At this point, dance music fans probably only have one question — does Aoki even lift?

“He does,” laughs Mike, “but it’s hard because he does have a very rigorous training schedule. He plays more than 300 shows a year, so he just tries to fit it in when he can.

“I think the main thing to take out of that is that he just has the dedication and commitment to come in and train. We hear a lot of excuses from people about how they work too hard and they don’t have time to train, so for someone like him to come in and give it a go is really inspiring.

“He doesn’t drink, he tries very hard to keep healthy while he’s on the road, and he just got stuck into it and did an amazing job. One of the guys he came in with had just put away a Guzman y Gomez burrito an hour before, so he tapped out of the workout pretty quickly, but Steve gave it a red hot go, mate.”

Coach Mike did have to make one unusual adjustment to Aoki’s workout, however.

“He’s very well known for throwing cake into the crowd during his set,” Mike explains, “and he actually had a little bit of a shoulder injury from throwing cake! So we had to make adjustments for that. I had to scale the exercises back to make sure they wouldn’t put any undue pressure on the shoulder, because of his cake-throwing exploits. How good is that?”

Aoki and his entourage are expected to return for another session tonight. CrossFit Torian is located at 98 Montpelier Road, Bowen Hills.