Want to know what your stars have in store for you? Read on for Psychic Julianna’s predictions.


It’s time to get out the calculator and be honest about your spending. Emotion is not a good
quality to base your financial future on. Run it by a friend before committing yourself to a


Don’t assume anything until you get the allclear with projects and in particular financial
opportunities. Be open to the opportunity but lock it down with people who follow through on
what they promise.


Don’t hold back this fortnight because your generosity is what brings you success. You’ll be
lucky in all of your financial transactions as the Year of the Horse comes to an end.


Fierceness is your key word. Don’t sit back and wait for anyone to try to understand you – just go for it!


Why are you feeling down? Stop blaming others for the experiences you are going through right
now. You have created your reality and now strong Leo you must pull yourself out of it.


Fortitude is needed. You will need to deal with many challenges and responsibilities that are
coming through the end of this month.


With the waxing and waning of the moon you will feel out of balance a little bit. Choose to not
take situations personally. They are a moment in time and that moment won’t last long.


Your feelings may be out of control and you are unsettled by this. Meditate on it to find the
source of the problem. Just look at the shadow part of your nature and get on top of it.


Sometimes a disappointment is actually a blessing in disguise. Look at the upside of a let-down otherwise you will miss out on the valuable lessons. Endurance is your friend.


You have so many options available to you that you may not know what to do. These are not
earth shattering but decisions about where to best place your time and energy with friends.


Nostalgic is where you are currently. Take the time to revisit places, activities or experiences
that make you happy. Next year will bring more stability.


Resolving problems will be on your agenda. Your trusting nature may get you into hot water
with others if they don’t understand that you come from a place of genuine desire to help.