Find out what’s in the stars for you this fortnight, brought to you by


In the quiet moments, listen gently and seriously to your intuition. Life’s messages will only get stronger if you do not stop and take notice. New beginnings are already tabled for you the next few weeks.


Whatever you’ve been imagining or wherever your heart soars in this life, here’s your opportunity to turn dreams into reality. It is about passion and then strategy with action!


Your ability to work hard and stay focused always gets your through. If you stay as highly motivated as you are traditionally you will find that you will have all your hard work pay off for the next year.


Traditionally people have been your Achilles Heel. The more you invest time and energy in an important relationship in your life, the more you get back in return as long as you maintain clear boundaries.


Solitude and quiet are necessary factors to achieve what you want. Stick to one job or goal at a time and you will move through life more comfortably this next fortnight.


Your stars are perfect for re-routing a relationship in order to get it back on track after a bit of turbulence for those Cancerians in longer term relationships. Get specific on what you need and you can get the bonds stronger.


The work you are putting in now is going to reap the benefits for you by year end. You need to remember that a tidy environment is a tidy mind.


Other people will benefit from your choice to stay steady, reliable and constant. You have every reason to feel proud; realise how important it is to stick to your decision to personally grow.


You MUST aim for stability with money and finances. If you stay on track with a debt or savings strategies, come the end of the year you can breathe a sigh of relief with the result.


Be careful of your sharp tongue and sharper temper. Just because you think something, doesn’t mean you have to say or act on it. Work with the facts not the emotions.


You always try to run before you walk but I feel you need a slower pace. Get the basics right and the money in place so you don’t roll the worry into the New Year.


You need to start to focus on planning your future next year. Get focused and get into the zone to map out what you want-and not what you don’t have.