Get your beard on to help Queensland men impacted by cancer, says Katie Clift of the Queensland Cancer Council.

Whether they’re coloured, floral, woven, knitted, unkempt, short, long, patchy, fluffy or meticulously groomed — all beards are welcome in Beard150, a new Cancer Council fundraising campaign that calls on more than 150 men to grow a beard and raise $150,000 for men’s cancers.

More than 13,400 Queensland men will be diagnosed with cancer this year alone — almost 4000 with prostate cancer, 1800 with melanoma and 1600 with bowel cancer. Nearly 4500 men die from cancer in Queensland each year.

A few blokes sporting beards may seem like a bit of fun, but it’s also about making a real difference to Queensland men impacted by cancer. Every dollar raised helps to fund CCQ’s prevention and early detection programs, patient support services and world class research.

If you’re unable to lengthen the facial hair, you can donate to the cause directly, sponsor a loved one to grow a beard, buy a limited edition singlet or pledge to shave or colour your own beard to raise funds too.

It’s also an important signal of manliness to snap a selfie of your facial fuzz and upload it to the Beard150 Facebook or Instagram page throughout your beard-growing journey.

Your pledge to grow a beard for a bro could be a crucial conversation starter, too, giving you the opportunity to chat health and wellbeing with the blokes. Find out about their challenges, check in on their health, and make sure they’re up to date with cancer screening.

So get your beard on this November and grow hope — for our fathers, brothers, sons, uncles and mates.

And don’t forget to snap that all-important hairy selfie!