Pressed Juices have just opened their very first Queensland store on Adelaide Street, so pop on in if you’re looking for a nourishing, uplifting and delicious way to get back to peak health and happiness.

‘Juice’ is the new ‘smoothie’, and if you heard that yet another juice bar has opened and rolled your eyes, we understand. Currently a massive health trend, juicing is taking over as the number one way to cleanse, detox, repair and restore the body.

Pressed Juices have recently opened their very first Brisbane store and it is adorable. Located on Adelaide Street, just under Central Station, the shop is tiny, filled only with a large display fridge, a wall of plants and a window bench seat so you can take your time deciding on which juice is calling your name. If you’re ready to experience the powers of raw, cold pressed juice then this is the perfect place to go.

As a company, Pressed Juices are on a mission to educate everyone on the benefits of juicing, and they’ve positioned their new store in Brisbane as a welcoming haven of health and happiness. Differing from other cold pressed juice brands, they are not solely focused on getting people to purchase the juice, but rather are passionate about providing education at the same time. Each store is staffed by a small team of educated nutritionists who are available to provide nutritional consultations and juice suggestions.

Not sure what is best for you and your current state of health? You simply chat to a nutritionist who will assist you to tailor your in-store juice experience. You might also start to experience feelings of increased wellness, improved energy, self-awareness and clarity, or at least that’s what the Pressed Juice team promises.

Their aim is to promote a simple, effective means of nourishing the body. According to one of their in-store nutritionists, pressed juices contain up to five times more vitamins, minerals and enzymes than juice produced by any other method, which means you’re getting more bang for your buck with this beverage.

Pressed Juices are now open and their beautiful little shop is located at 214 Adelaide Street, Brisbane CBD. To see their full range of juices and smoothies, click here.