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You don’t like to usually think you are as smart in business and finances as you are! Don’t fall back on old fears or underestimate yourself. You’re capable of accomplishing more than you know.  This is the time to look at investments for your future.


You are feeling more confident and you have been working on goals that will start to transition into working for you. Stop, enjoy and embrace this time of growth, after all the hard work you have been doing.


Success and good fortune are coming rapidly to you, with only minor irritations to complicate matters.  Keep your eye on the ball so that you don’t get caught up in others dramas during this transition to success time.


Career and financial success is greatly on your mind as you look ahead and realise another year is fast completing. Stop and plan as you are worrying about what you are running out of time for and not what you still can be doing.


Your intuitive and psychic abilities should be working at a very high level, causing you to experience some weird and wacky dreams! This is about intuition and enlightenment just open the door to growth


Everything feels like it is able to fall into place right now for you Virgo. You might be thinking of expanding your horizons through new opportunity and enterprises so don’t want just embrace and do it


Whatever you’re working on you always focus on what and how you can look after others-but now is the time to look after yourself a little bit as well. Fatigue won’t help you look after others so you need to replenish as well.


It’s likely that your personal and creative horizons are expanding as you move into your personal strength. Chose to not let others without your vision hold you back. If someone around you is not adding value then leave them be.


A simple get together will lead to you getting a great business connection-so accept the invites and don’t waste time on debating about networking and just go do it.


Time to take out the trash and make sure that you no longer allow others attitudes and neediness to hold you back. Enough is enough to a situation or relationship that keeps recycling in your life.


Money and life has been tight. Your money situation should not only improve but also stabilize at a level higher as long as you’re diligent, this growth should continue. Past failures are only rehearsals for success


You tend to be practical and tenacious-yet you have gone through much personal growth this year and now is the time to flex and grow your capacity. Get out and be confident in all you have learnt.