It’s time to put proportion back in our portion sizes, writes Katie Clift from Cancer Council Queensland.

Yup, you may have seen it coming. Over time, the sizes of Queenslanders’ meals have become bigger and bigger and bigger – increasing significantly, without a corresponding increase in physical activity to offset the extra calories.

To put it plainly – most of us are eating too much.

In fact, the figures show that even when we’re full, two in five Queenslanders always or mostly finish everything on their plate, increasing the risk of overweight and obesity.

It’s true – the weight of a person’s plate goes to their waistline.

The good news is, by being mindful of our meal sizes, we can avoid overeating, feeling uncomfortably full, and achieve (and maintain!) a healthy weight.

Portioning out your plate will improve your health and wellbeing – you’ll feel better, you’ll reduce your risk of chronic disease, and you’ll avoid that HORRID feeling of being unable to move after piling more into your gob than you ever thought you could… wins all round!

Yup, simply dishing out the right amount of food each mealtime can dish out more health and happiness in your life overall.

A healthy plate is key to a healthy diet. Here’s how yours should be looking:

  • Salads and vegetables should make up the biggest proportion of your plate – aim for at least five serves of vegetables every day!
  • Aim to fill about a quarter of your plate with carbohydrate-based foods like wholegrain bread, a medium sized potato, quinoa, rice or polenta.
  • The final quarter of your plate should be a source of protein – think cooked lean meats, poultry, fish or eggs, lentils, chickpeas and nuts.

A range of chronic diseases, including some cancers, can be prevented by simple lifestyle changes like ensuring a healthy diet, avoiding overeating and maintaining a healthy weight.

So, take steps to portion your plate and be a healthy weight! You’ll feel much happier over the long term than if you took a few more bites of your favourite dish!